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Signum Online Resources

In addition to the collection of software located in the Signum Software Library, the Signum community hosts many services that are accessed exclusively online.  No software installation is required.  Informational websites and social media platforms are also listed here.

Social Media

Online Games

Interactive API

Account Activator

Note:  Must know public key to utilize this service.  For advanced users only.  This service is not necessary if using the Phoenix or BTDEX wallets or if you already own Signa prior to setting up a new account.


Mining Proceeds

Online Wallets

As a matter of principle, online wallets cannot be considered secure as they do not conform to Signum’s vision of a fully decentralized and trustless system.

The most secure software is always official software that is locally hosted.

The online wallets listed here are hosted by the Signum Network and provided for convenience in certain situations. 

Never use an online wallet for valuable accounts.

If you only need to check a balance or transaction, enter an account’s Reed Solomon address rather than the passphrase for read-only access.

For more information about online wallets, see Signum security.

Submit an Online Community Resource.

If you have developed an online resource and would like to include it here, please forward a link and description using the contribution form below (click the downward-pointing arrow in the page footer).  Please assure that your resource can be served securely using SSL.

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