An accessible, sustainable, community-driven blockchain solution for businesses, governments, educators, and everyday people.

Built on Proof-of-Capacity and Proof-of-Stake.

Signum Community

Network Nodes

transactions (per second)

block time (minutes)

genesis block (years)

Signum Technology

A leading-edge blockchain with the power to change everything.  Smart, secure, sustainable.

Payment Solutions

Worldwide payment network. Fast transactions without 3rd party entanglement or restriction.


Secure, private, person-to-person communication. Military-grade encryption.

Smart Contracts

Write code that executes on-chain exactly as written with no possibility of downtime or failure.


Create and trade NFTs that represent digital, physical, or intellectual property.

ERC20 Tokens

Issue ERC20 compliant tokens without the need to issue a smart contract.

Signum Security

For high-value accounts, sign with a single-use passphrase on a disconnected device.

Signum’s feature-rich architecture includes extensible built-in modules to jump-start the development of on-chain applications

Signum Distributed Network

Alias System

Associate alphanumeric texts for purposes such as alternate names, decentralized DNS, etc.

Arbitrary Messages

Messaging service for interacting with on-chain programs and triggering on-chain events.

Asset Exchange

Build front-end applications leveraging the decentralized exchange built into Signum.

Node Operation Rewards

In addition to mining scheduled block rewards, receive daily rewards for qualifying node operation.


Raise project funding, generate interest, gauge levels of support, receive valuable feedback.


Sell digitally transferrable products; A back-end engine for your storefront.

Signum Environment

From the beginning, respect for the environment and positive social constructs

Energy Efficient

Signum uses very little power beyond what is necessary for the initial setup.


An environmentally sustainable algorithm built on proof-of-capacity and proof-of-stake.

Fair distribution

Released with advance public notice and without pre-mine, ICO, or airdrop.

Consumer Grade

Uses only off-the-shelf easily-accessible reusable consumer-grade equipment.

Asic resistant

No applicability for Application-Specific Integrated Circuits in any Signum process.


Microbusinesses made possible with a minimum fee as low as .00735 Signa.

One of the most vibrant networks propelling the advancement of blockchain technology

Signum Data


The first to implement smart contracts, cross-chain transfers, and blockchain-based programs.

Signum Community

A global network of blockchain developers, business owners, and investors.


A decentralized cryptocurrency exchange built with smart contracts on the Signum blockchain.


Live research and project platform for educators and students of blockchain technology.

Development Libraries

Signum J and C for writing smart contracts in the Java programming language.

BPSAA Member

Blockchain Privacy, Security, and Adoption Alliance
– Innovation Through Collaboration –

A community-supported, open-source cryptocurrency and blockchain platform.

To contact the development team or request assistance with anything related to this project, please contact us on the signum Discord channel.  Lets’s build something!

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